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This website is all about poker HUDs- what they are, how to properly use them, what is the current best one and so on. If you are new to the whole online poker thing you probably heard the phrase “poker HUD” and came here to learn what it is all about. So let’s begin!

The best definition of the term, as I know it, goes like this: a poker HUD is short for “Poker Heads Up Display” and is basically a display on your computer where you see a bunch of different stats related to what’s going on on the table you are playing. It’s purpose is to help online poker players make better, well inform decisions how to play certain hands and opponents. A  HUD can be a powerful weapon and if you are serious about improving your game and winning more – you have to use one! Odds are the other people at the table are already using a HUD so if you don’t – you are at a disadvantage and you will won’t win as much as you probably should. Poker Heads-Up Displays are very cheap and affordable these days and anyone who is indeed trying to win money must get one. This is the reality guys – like it or not trackers are used in numerous online poker rooms (more on where they re allowed and where not in a later post). If you choose to play “old school” and not use a HUD you will most likely be one of the few. 

Poker trackers available at the moment

When I first started playing poker online the HUDs were few and very rare. With time they got more and more popular and now in 2018 using a HUD is pretty much a must. And since there is a need for these type of things there are many choices to pick from. Below is a list of the trackers I have personally used and can vouch that they work. This is not a complete list and I will update it regularly as time passes and as I test new HUDs. Fair warning – these are all paid HUDs! I don’t think a free poker tracker can come close to what the paid ones offer. Online poker rooms change things up all the time and this require regular updates and maintenance – something the free HUDs never do. That’s why I won’t waste your time with stuff that might work today but be absolutely useless tomorrow or next week. Each HUD takes a little bit of time to learn how to use and there isn’t much sense in learning how to use a free HUD which will be gone tomorrow. So here we go – the list of the poker HUDs I’ve used in the last few years:

  1. HoldEm Manager 2 – probably the grad-daddy of them all
  2. PokerTracker4 – popular tracker with great performance
  3. Poker Copilot – new-ish tracker with good support
  4. Hand2Note – another newer HUD with great options and support
  5. Jivaro – the cheapest option ATM

I’ve used each of these HUDs and can testify they do what they are supposed to. Each of them is paid as I posted above and have a good team who is doing updates and maintenance of their software. Which of these you choose is completely up to you, I’m currently using Hand2Note poker HUD and it works great (don’t forget to use a Hand2Note coupon code when you buy a plan!). Nothing against the others – I found a good deal on Hand2Note and after I tried it I liked that much so I  decided stick it. I will be posting in depth reviews of each on the 5 posted above soon so feel free to bookmark this page and come read them up later.